Coming up on “The Gilberts”

At dinner tonight, CJ asked Katherine if she wanted to take a shower tonight or tomorrow morning.  Katherine responded by pointing in front of her (her mouth was full of food at the time).  Puzzled, my wife waited for her to finish the bite and ask for a clarification on her answer.  Katherine said “Tomorrow.  When I point in front of me, that’s looking forward to the future.  If I point behind me, that’s looking back in the past.” 

Since we clearly weren’t rolling on the floor in laughter, she paused for a second and then said, “That was just meant to be silly.” 

I responded, “Not at all, I have a mental picture of time too; it’s not silly to think of the future as being in front of you and the past being behind you.”

Without missing a beat she said “Thank you Daddy, for the daschund!”

Both my wife and I responded “Daschund?  You mean the dog?”

She responded “Yeah!  I’m looking forward to what you’re going to get me in the future!” 


Oh, we’re in trouble.