Katherine, the Benevolent Dictator

Until very recent, Katherine was seriously into PixieHollow.com, a Disney-Fairy themed game where you create your own fairy, explore Pixie Hollow, go on quests, decorate your house, chat with your friends online and so on.  She loved being in completely control of what her fairy wore, how the furniture in her house was arranged, etc.

Then, CJ got Katherine to try Age of Empires II – a game that has claimed many more hours of my life than I care to admit.

Oh, the rapture.

Now Katherine was able to control not one digital person – but dozens.  DOZENS, Dad!  Entire groups of people were at her beck and call.

And she had them specialize, too.

She has one that builds.  That’s his only job.  And no other villagers in the game are allowed to take his spot.

She has another that watches the sheep.  This villager never kills the sheep for food.  She merely gathers the sheep into a small area near her town center and watches them.

She’ll have two that cut the wood.

Typically, CJ and I will play with a unit limit of 100.  Villagers, infantry, cavalry, boats – all count against this 100.  Typically we will have 60 or so villagers by the end of the game – cutting wood, mining for gold, farming for food (The rest of that 100 are taken up by the military units).

Katherine’s typical villager high?  12.


“Katherine, you need to build more villagers so you can mine your resources faster,” laments CJ.  “That’s how you get enough to research new technology, and build units faster.”

On Monday Katherine took that lesson to heart.  By the end of the game she had a villager high of 29.  “Aren’t you proud of me, Mom?  I had 29 villagers, so I could research all KINDS of things!”

She’s learning.

As long as she doesn’t start naming the villagers.  I’d hate to hear about how Steve was mowed down by a trebuchet.