Little People* In Peril

Last week, Lucy started saying the word “halp”, which is her version of “help”.  It’s already come into use a few times when she’s trying to reach a toy she can’t get to, or trying to put on her shoes while standing up, holding three stuffed animals and a blanket.

The other day she was playing with her Little People helicopter and she discovered (or perhaps one of her playmates showed her) that the Little People can sit on top of the helicopter’s main blade.


Hey, that’s cool Lucy.  Well done!

And then she spun the blade.  And the Little People person spun with it.  After a few revolutions the person fell off and Lucy exclaims “halp me!”

Thankfully I was sitting in a chair with a nice high back to it.  Otherwise I would have fallen out of it I was laughing so hard.



* We are in no way affiliated with FisherPrice, other than being healthy consumers of their products.