Down by the river side

I want to share a small piece of Katherine’s awesomeness with you today.

A couple of weeks ago, Katherine decided that she wanted to make a diorama.  When CJ came home with a new pair of shoes, the shoebox was quickly appropriated as the perfect frame.

Top-Down Shot Trees


This is a snake and a squirrel crawling along a river with three fish.  Behind the tree on the right tree is a beautiful bird flying to her nest, which is perched in the left tree.  (I don’t know where she learned to draw birds-in-flight like that, but this isn’t her only example.  The last time she was in my office she was kind enough to leave me an entire flock on my whiteboard.)

Apart from the shoebox, the diorama is completely made out of construction paper, markers, and tape.  This was not a class project – this was just something that Katherine thought would be fun to do, and she did it.

CJ and I have tried to encourage her and put opportunities in her path that would help her develop these skills.  When she comes up with things like this, however, I feel like the only thing I’m really qualified to do is get out of her way.