If you’re happy and you know it…

Lucy has learned the power of clapping well (although I’m pretty sure a fairy has yet to blink into existence as a result).  If she’s watching a movie or TV show where the characters are clapping, she’ll join in.  If she hears the beginnings of the song from which this post takes its title, she’ll join in at the right moment.  If she hears someone cheer “Yay!!!” she’ll start up.

Clapping almost always brings a smile to her face, which in turn brightens the rest of the room.  It’s really, REALLY hard to keep a grumpy face when your 20-month old puts her hands together.

Tonight’s installment of applause took the cake – literally.  We had just finished dinner and we still had some leftover cake from Katherine’s birthday party yesterday.  CJ asked “Lucy, do you want some chocolate cake?”  Lucy’s response?  “Yay!!!” followed by vigorous clapping – so vigorous, in fact, that her high chair started dancing around.

I’m thinking that was a “Yes”.