The Case of the Shopping Spree, Part 2

Last time on Mark of Quality…

Intersecting age lines.

Organized imagination.

Gems of wonder being flung into a cart.

Toddler tornado rips through Kalamazoo toy store.

Peace ultimately reigns.


Now to cap off the shopping spree-day, Katherine had a call with CJ’s parents.  It is tradition for my in-laws to call the birthday boy or girl on the magical day and, as CJ puts it, wish them a “horrible birthday”.  They sing “Happy Birthday” – as loudly and as off-key as they can possibly muster.  And they can muster QUITE a lot.

At any rate, it’s all good fun and always brings a smile to my face.  Once they were through, they asked Katherine how her day went.  CJ made the mistake of prompting Katherine with “Tell Grandma what you got today”.  Katherine exuberantly told her grandmother “I got fairies, and Lucy got a large Tinker Bell, and I got handcuffs with a key!”

CJ completely lost it.  I’m glad I wasn’t drinking anything at the time.  My mother in-law replied, “Oh, really?”  If she said anything else, I never heard it over the laughter.

Remember what I said yesterday about ugly situations?  Yeah, there’s one.