A, E, I, O, Me?

We have a set of foam letters that we got when Katherine was a toddler.  I fondly remember Katherine lining up the letters on the floor when she was learning the alphabet, and the thrill I got when she nailed all 26 in a row.

Now Lucy is playing with them.  The last couple of weeks she’s been bringing random letters up to CJ and I and saying one of two things “eye” or “oh”.  Every letter gets boiled down into one of those two.

Last week, she brought the letter “U” up to me.  I smiled and said, “That’s the letter ‘U’ sweetie.”  She smiled and said “Me?”.  I laughed – “no, the letter ‘U’.  That’s the letter ‘U’”.  She smiled again, said “Me”, almost with a nod, and walked off to find her next letter.