Make him go away – but not too far

Last night we were sitting at the dinner table when Lucy suddenly started squealing with delight, pointing to our deck.  I turned to see a chipmunk sitting on the top step, casually eating a nut (well, as casually as a chipmunk can manage, anyway).  I smiled and turned back to Lucy and asked “You see the chipmunk?”  She nodded emphatically.

Then she said “Off!”

I asked her, “You want me to make the chipmunk leave?”  She nodded again.

“But he’s not bothering anyone.  You still want him to leave?”  She nodded, again.

So, a little reluctantly, I turned around and opened the sliding door a bit, knowing the sudden noise would scare him away.  As soon as I closed the door again, CJ said, “Watch, in a second she’ll ask…”

“More!” exclaimed Lucy, pointing to the deck.

I responded, a little exasperated, “You want the chipmunk back?”  She nodded.

CJ, barely containing her laughter, responded, “See?”

I responded, now more than a little exasperated, “But you just had me scare him away!”

As you can see, Lucy is going through a “I can command the universe” phase.  The chipmunks haven’t gotten the memo yet.