Morning Gnats

There’s a line in the movie “Bolt” where Rhino the hamster greets Mittens the cat by saying “Morning, cat” in a very drowsy voice.  My nickname for Katherine is “Kat”, so I’ve frequently greeted her with “Morning, Kat”, trying to use the same voice.

Lucy has been saying “morning” for the last couple of days (we’re still working on getting he to say it exclusively before noon).  I joked with CJ this morning that the next step was to get her to say “Morning, Kat”, just how I’ve been.

That brought a smile to Katherine’s face, who immediately turned to her sister and said “Lucy, can you say ‘morning Kat’?”

Lucy responded with “Morning nat”.

CJ laughed.  “We should totally write the story of ‘morning gnats’.  They’re the little known cousins of the tooth fairy.”

“Yeah, but they only like dogs!”  Katherine exclaims.

“Dogs?”  I asked.

“Yeah, they suck their blood!”

Somewhere this conversation took a wrong turn and we pulled into Crazyville. 


And were greeted by the mayor.