Superheros and Vacuums

With some frequency, I will wake up in the morning or come home from work, and find sticky notes attached to our microwave.  The microwave sits on a shelf at eye level, and since we all have to pass through the kitchen to do anything in the morning or evening, it’s a perfect spot for reminders.  For example,

Buy X

Because we’re down to the last box/bottle/jar/can/dumpster of X, and if we don’t restock soon the household will come to a screeching, whining halt.  Or,

Katherine/Lucy/CJ Appointment for Y

My appointments never rate the front of the microwave.  Now that I think about it, they don’t even rate the sides.

Bury Z

Kidding.  I’ve never actually seen this one.  We don’t keep pets (we’re blessed with free-range allergies, instead), so thankfully I’ve never had to come home to, “Hi honey, the cat left you another present.  He did manage to keep it contained to a single room this time.”

This evening, however, I walked in the door to find a bright yellow sticky note on the microwave door.  I remembered seeing a similar one when I left this morning, so my first instinct was that this was the same one.  When I walked closer, though, I saw a different message:

What kind of a superhero would he be without a vacuum?

I had to read it three additional times to make sure I was making out all of the words correctly.  Something must have happened today involving superheros and vacuums, and this was obviously the philosophical extension of that event.

It felt like one of those story-starters that you’d find in a creative writing class: “Look at this picture, and write what happens 5 minutes after the picture was taken.”  “Here’s a crowd scene in a movie – make up a story about one of the people you see and explain why they’re there.”  “Create a superhero that uses a vacuum, then take it away to see how he fares.”

As it turns out, there was a cartoon that CJ and the girls watched today where the protagonist found a small vacuum cleaner, and dreamt of becoming a superhero, helping people all over the city by using his vacuum cleaner.  CJ didn’t want to forget to tell me about it because it was so funny, so the note on the microwave was meant to get me to ask her about it.  Believe me, it worked.

I just hope the dude was smart enough NOT to wear a cape, given that his source of power was a vacuum cleaner.  Did you ever see “The Incredibles”?

“No capes!”


One thought on “Superheros and Vacuums

  1. Actually, he did wear a cape 🙂

    “Did you just see a monkey run by with a vacuum?”

    “Was he wearing a cape?”

    “Could there be two monkeys with vacuums in the city?”

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