“Speak & Spell” not just for kids

Over the weekend I was helping CJ weed through some paperwork that had been accumulating in a corner.  She handed me a stack of papers and said, “Could you create a file for these called ‘Blah blah blah’?” (Ok, that’s not really what I was supposed to call it, but I honestly don’t remember now what she asked me.  It was probably something like “Taxes 2009”.)

Me: “Sure, where’s the labeler?”

CJ: “On the shelf.”

Me, since she was closer: “Could you hand it to me?”

CJ, reaching up for it: “Come on, I thought you were a little more resourceful than that.”

Me: “I am resourceful.”  I took the labeler from her and began to type.  “I just outsourced it to you – ‘honey please get me the labeler’ – see?”

CJ just shook her head with a smile and went back to sorting through the pile.  I finished the label and hit “Print”.  When it came out I stopped for a moment to make sure I spelled “Blah blah blah” correctly.  When I read what I had typed, I dropped my head and said “Oh jeez.”

CJ looked up and asked, “What?”

I showed her what printed out.


She struggled to contain her laughter, but wasn’t really successful.  The sad part is I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done that – not just with the labeler, but just typing in general.  I’ll catch part of a conversation at work, or someone will walk past my desk in the middle of a conversation, and suddenly I’ll get “purchase order” or “creative review” in the middle of the block of code I was writing.

Thankfully, the compiler doesn’t laugh at me every time I do that.  It has the sense to tell me that it doesn’t understand what I typed, and leaves it at that.