From the Mental Album: Adventures in Honeymooning, Part 1

Nearly 15 years ago CJ and I started our life together as married geeks, and I am proud to say that each successive year has been better than the previous one.  The honeymoon, in true MarkOfQuality style, was not without it’s moments of humor.

The wedding ceremony was late morning, which meant the reception functioned as lunch and was wrapped up by 3 or 4 o’clock that afternoon.  The reception was held in one of the ballrooms of a hotel, so when it ended we could just take the elevator to our room.

We walked into the room.

We changed out of our wedding attire.

Looked at each other – pure love dancing in our eyes.

And promptly collapsed from exhaustion for three hours.


The next day, we left for Niagara Falls, where we would spend roughly a third of our honeymoon.  When we got into Niagara, we needed to exchange some of our money for Canadian, so we stopped by a bank or a currency exchange office (I can’t remember which).  CJ handled the transaction while I watched, and the clerk asked her to sign something.  When she had finished and handed the form back to the man, he asked her, “Did you sign the right name?”

CJ was perplexed.  Until she looked down at the paper and realized she had signed her maiden name.

CJ: “Nooo – I’m sorry.”

Clerk: “It’s not me you should apologize to.  Apologize to him.”  The clerk, smiling, pointed at me.

Hmmm….  young couple, shiny wedding bands, arriving in Niagara Falls from the States.  I have no idea why he would think we were newlyweds.