Michigan Lucy and the Search for the Lost Toes

Lucy enjoys being barefoot a lot of the time – especially when she’s sleeping.  However, Michigan Novembers are usually when the cold weather really starts to settle in, and Lucy isn’t coordinated enough yet to keep the covers on her feet all night.  So to prevent her from getting too cold in the middle of the night, CJ decided to put her into a one-piece pajama jumper with padded feet.  In other words, the only things left exposed would be her hands and her head.

Lucy was a little concerned when she saw the outfit. 

She was confused when CJ began to shimmy her into it (it’s not that it was that tight – Lucy was just that squirmy).

She was downright distraught when CJ got it all zipped up.

CJ: “What do you think, Lucy?”

Lucy, looking very forlorn, grabbed her feet, looked up at CJ and said “Find toes?”

CJ, trying to simultaneously not laugh and salvage the pajama choice, lightly pinched Lucy’s toes and said, “Your toes are right there, sweetie.”

Lucy looked down.  She touched her toes.  She looked back up at CJ and repeated, “Find toes?”

CJ, internally sighing: “You want to see your toes?”

Lucy nodded her head vigorously.  We got her changed into another set of pajamas, and all was well. 

I think “Find toes?” just made the family quote board.