Speaking in sentences

Lucy’s command of the English language has taken quite a leap in the last two weeks.  The most startling is that she’s speaking in much more complete sentences now.  Here is a smattering of what we’re hearing these days:


Responses to questions:

  • No way
  • No no no no no no NOOOOOooooo!
  • Yes, pease (she’s still working on the “L” sound)


  • Sit (as she sternly pokes the chair seat)
  • Daddy read book

Breaking news:

  • Mommy talk sis-sis
  • Mommy blow nose

Taking role:

  • Daddy home
  • Mommy home
  • Sis-sis home
  • Woosy home  (again, still learning to master the “L” sound; I wonder if she’s a distant cousin to Pavel Checkov?  I’ll see if I can get her to say “nuclear weapons” next)

Practical Jokes:

  • (Lucy licks a piece of her food, then holds it out)  Mommy eat.

Commands (carries a tornado sentence if disobeyed):

  • I’ll walk.