“Katherine’s Salon” gets a little hairy

This afternoon I was watching the girls so CJ could get some grading done.  Katherine was sick, and it was in the 20s outside, so our options were fairly limited to what we could do in the house.  CJ suggested that we break out the Play-Doh.  That turned out to be an inspired idea – a runaway hit that lasted both girls for over an hour.

This was Lucy’s first experience with Play-Doh, but she was spell-bound right from the start.  She set about with a large blue blob and proceeded to stuff it into every mold we had.  Katherine started playing with a small “salon” where you can cut and style Play-Doh hair (You remember those pieces, right?  Where clay enemas can become this year’s latest styles?).  Her play quickly turned into a no-holds-barred stylist, dealing with the most rebellious teenagers who equated haircuts with torture.

CJ surfaced just before dinner, and spelled me for a few minutes so I could tend to a few things.  Lucy was still happily making owls and violins out of the molds, but Katherine had taken things to a whole new level.  I walked back into the room to the sound of “Your hair smells like a highway filled with old cars!”

That made me stop in my tracks.  CJ burst into laughter.  Katherine quickly followed it up with “No!  Don’t cut my hair!   No!  Don’t bring those scissors near me!  *snip* *snip*  Ah!!  I’m bald!”

Katherine-as-Stylist: “Oh settle down you.  Your hair needs to be washed and dried next.” 

*wash* *wash* *scrub* *scrub*  *brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr*

Katherine-as-Teenage-Boy: “Ah!!! What have you done?!?”

Katherine-as-Stylist: “Next!”