Christmas Monster

I picked Katherine up from school Friday, and as we were driving home I asked her, “Katherine, do you remember Mom’s suggestions for Christmas gifts?”  CJ had given her a small list of things that she would like, and that were each within Katherine’s budget.

“Yep.  She wants a CD of Christmas music.”

I did remember CJ saying that all of our existing Christmas music was getting played a little too much, and a fresh CD would be cool.  Me: “Oh, just some modern Christmas music?  Did she say if there a particular song, or a specific CD that she wanted?”  I did not relish the thought of trying to go through the Christmas section of the music store looking for a random CD that 1) we don’t already own, 2) CJ might like, and 3) Katherine could afford.

“Yeah.  She wants the one with ‘Monster’ on it.  She said she would let me load that onto my MP3 player because I like it so much.”

Monster?  I knew a Skillet song called “Monster”, and I knew that Katherine loves listening to it, but I didn’t think that really counted as Christmas music.

“I don’t think ‘Monster’ counts as Christmas music, Katherine.  Christian music, yes, but not Christmas.”

“Christmas music, Christian music, it’s all the same.”

I laughed.  “No, music stores make a pretty clear distinction between the two.”  Although, I have to admit, a story about the “Christmas Monster” might be fun to write.