More Hippos!

Lucy’s two favorite segments from the original Fantasia are “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” and “Dance of the Hours”.  If you haven’t seen it in a while, the former is Mickey trying on the sorcerer’s magic hat and getting into a lot of trouble with vengeful broomsticks, while the latter has a series of animals like ostriches, elephants, hippos and alligators (or perhaps crocodiles – I can’t tell those two apart), performing ballet.

Now that I think about it, both conclude with the scene in chaos – proof enough that Lucy is definitely my daughter.

While she loves watching both of these segments, “Dance of the Hours” apparently has made quite the impression on her.  Recently, CJ and Lucy were relaxing on the couch, a little before Lucy’s bedtime, watching these two segments.  When the segment was over, Lucy asked “More hippos?”  CJ smiled and restarted the chapter, and they watched it again.

When it finished the second time and CJ started to announce that it was time to get up, Lucy frowned and said, rather forcefully, “No.  More hippos.”  You could just feel the period at the end of that sentence.

After a moment’s pause, CJ said “OK, you can watch it one more time while I get things ready for bedtime, but that’s it.”  CJ restarted the segment yet again and left to start the bedtime routine.  When it was over, CJ turned off the TV, to which Lucy responded, “MORE HIPPOS!”

“I’m sorry, Lucy, but it’s time for bed.”

Lucy activated the “Frowny, Pouty, Glare of Doom”, unleashing the full fury on CJ.  CJ activated – in the nick of time, I might add – the “Mommy It’s-your-bedtime-and-I-have-work-to-do Shield”.  The exchange wasn’t pleasant, but CJ emerged victorious.

Get in the way of Lucy and her hippos at your own risk.  Sheesh!