Putting up the Christmas Tree

Putting up the Christmas tree this year was an interesting experience.  We had such a busy November and December that we didn’t get around to putting it up until the week leading up to Christmas (when we were all on break).

Things got off on the right foot when CJ tried to refresh her memory of how our artificial tree went together, and came across an interesting section in the instructions:


Oh look, dear, this is where we can go to find assistance with our imp-launching spud-gun.

Then things really got going when it came time to decorate the tree.  Lucy was old enough this year to help with the ornaments.  She had the best of intentions, really.  Here are the top four things heard that day:

  1. “Superfast!” – Lucy, as she excitedly orbited the bin of ornaments on the floor at greater and greater velocities.
  2. “One finger!” – Mark and CJ, as we tried to prevent Lucy from grabbing delicate ornaments on the tree with her entire hand.
  3. “Whoa!” – Mark and CJ, in response to Lucy diving headfirst into the bin of ornaments, grabbing bunches of tissue paper and throwing them up over her head to get them out of the way.  She thought that the bunches of tissue paper were covering the ornaments, rather than individually wrapping them.
  4. “Spread them out” – Mark and CJ, in response to Lucy who was trying to put 10 ornaments in a row on the same branch.

All in all the tree went up relatively smoothly, and it looks very pretty.  In fact, Lucy frequently asks us to “turn on kiss-mas lights”.