Money Pigs

Lucy got a new set of Little People® farm animals for Christmas – horses, sheep, cows, and so on.  The pigs in particular caused a bit of drama for her.

CJ and Lucy were playing with the new animals when Lucy pointed at the pigs and announced, “Mommy, money pigs.”

Perplexed, CJ asked, “Money pigs?  Do you mean ‘muddy’ pigs?”  The pigs were, well – pigs.  They had some mud on them – painted, of course – because that’s just what pigs do.

Lucy, with a characteristically exaggerated head nod and a clear tone of finality,  “Yes.”  Then, to the pigs, “Go wash, pigs!”  When the pigs didn’t immediately jump up and run to the sink, she turned to CJ and asked, “Mommy, go wash pigs, please.”


One thought on “Money Pigs

  1. And for the next several hours she would return to the pigs over and over again, each time examining them with a furrowed brow, only to announce “DIR-TY! MON-EY! PIGS!” Each time the outrage seemed fresh in her voice. How dare those pigs be muddy in her house!

    And if I didn’t respond, she’d repeat it even louder to make sure that I understood the significance of what she was pointing out.

    After I replied, she’d either try to wipe off the painted-on mud or suggest that I “wash dem bafroom sink.” When I replied that the mud wouldn’t come off, she’d sigh deeply, frown some more, and then finally put them down with a muttered “dir-ty, mud-dy, pigs.”

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