Welcome, Mama

Lucy is still learning the whole manners-thing.  She has gotten very good at saying “please”, however:

Lucy, would like the light on?  “Yes, please.”
Lucy, would you like something to drink?  “Cup warm milk, please.”
Lucy, would you like some ice cream?  “Yes, please.  Wa-hoooooo!”

“Thank you” has been a lot harder for Lucy.  Not only is it a harder word to say, but I don’t think she understands quite when to say it.  “Welcome”, on the other hand, is much easier to pronounce, and since she frequently hears “thank you” and “welcome” close together in conversations, that obviously must be the appropriate response when someone does something for her, right?

Here you go Lucy.  Here’s a fork.  “Welcome, sis-sis.”
Here’s your ball, Lucy.  “Welcome, daddy.”
Here’s your milk, Lucy.  “Welcome, mama.”

Terrific.  Now what are we supposed to say to that?!?