Imagining the Possibilities

Katherine has a wonderful imagination.  It shows in how she plays with her toys, in the on-the-spot stories that she tells, and in the animals that she mimics.  She makes a very believable dog, let me tell you. 

As we had expected, Lucy watches Katherine, and tries to mimic what she’s doing.  It is not uncommon to find TWO dogs in my house – one a little shorter than the other, following each other around chasing balls – for example.  She’s also very good with commands – sit, roll over, and shake hands are her favorite.  Her training is coming along nicely.

Because Lucy loves playing with her big sister, though, she’s also learning how to use her imagination when she plays.  Lucy has a small plastic track that she likes playing with her “race cars” on.  Frequently she’ll have two cars bump into each other – “vrroommm!  vrroommm!  bonk!” – after which the drivers will try to make amends – “oops, sorry! sorry!”.  She’s also been known to have her Little People® figures walk off the edge of the couch, mock-screaming all the way down.  Again, her training is come along nicely.

Last night Katherine went to the bathroom, leaving CJ, Lucy, and I to sit in the living room.  CJ and I were talking when Lucy laid down on the floor on her belly, and started to wiggle back and forth and say “hissssss” – Lucy was pretending to be a snake.  She then called out loudly, “Sis-sis, snake!”  meaning that she wanted Katherine to be a snake with her.  CJ explained, “Lucy, Katherine is in the bathroom.”  Lucy sprang up and ran to the bathroom door.

*knock*  *knock*

“Sis-sis – Me snake!  Hissssssssssssss!”

Katherine emerged, and pretty soon we had two reptiles, wiggling across the living room floor, hissing loudly.

It wouldn’t surprise me in the least to one day find Katherine doing her mouse-impersonation (“squeak!  squeak!”), and have Lucy slither after her, looking for lunch.