More Stripe than Grover

My wife, after drinking some apple juice, screwed up her face and spoke in a funny voice.  “*growl* Have you been drinking the apple juice? *growl*”

“Uh, yes, but I think I’ll stop now.  It sounds like you’re turning into Grover.”

CJ laughed.  “Actually it’s more Stripe than Grover.  Don’t throw water on your wife after midnight!”

I responded, slowly and without making any sudden movements so as to not disturb the wife further, “Actually it was ‘don’t feed them after midnight’, and ‘don’t throw water on them at all.’”

CJ, with a diabolical giggle, “Well, don’t throw water on your wife after midnight either, because it’s likely she was sleeping and she’d wake up and KILL  you!”


Good advice, gents.  File that one under “survival”.