Not so safe after all!

Lucy loves grapes.  She’ll eat an entire bunch in a sitting and ask for more.  On occasion, though, she’ll be fussier than usual, and CJ or I (or even Katherine) will do a voiceover for the grapes.  (In a high-pitched voice) “No, don’t eat me!  Don’t do it!  No!  No!”  That’s usually enough to get Lucy giggling.  She’ll pick up a grape and look up at us with that impish grin of hers, and VERY slowly move the grape to her mouth.  The grape’s protests will intensify until she puts it in her mouth and bites down, at which point the grape’s final word is usually “uggghhhh.”  Rinse and repeat.

The other day, however, she looked down at the grapes that CJ set out her for.  She picked up one and looked at CJ with that lost puppy dog look of hers and said, “Mommy?  Don’t eat me?”  CJ laughed, and began the voiceover routine.

She ate most of the bunch, but was clearly slowing down by the end.  When she got to the last one CJ asked her, “Are you going to eat that one?”

Lucy replied, “No, one grape safe.”

At which point CJ burst into laughter, which drove Lucy to laughter.  And then, before CJ had stopped chuckling, Lucy snatched the last grape and popped it in her mouth. 

Not so safe after all!