Vinegar Fries

As you are probably aware given the frequency with which I post these, I (with copious amounts of inspiration and fine tuning from CJ) publish a weekly web comic called “Try Catch Finally” on my technical blog*.  We’re slowly building up a cast of thousands, but ultimately the characters are performed by a single green alien dude:

Neutral Head

I’ve asked Dude to stand in for Lucy for this blog post, to illustrate her facial expressions for this story.

Wig Head

He’s not crazy about the wig, though.

With Wig and Mouth

Or the mouth for that matter.

Anyway.  On to our story.  Last week we went out to my favorite burger place.  The burgers themselves are excellent, but the other reason I love eating there are the fries.  For whatever reason, they go quite well with malt vinegar, which the restaurant has kindly placed on all of the tables.  This is the only restaurant where I put vinegar on my fries, so this is a nice treat for me.

Once we got everyone settled with their food and I finally got around to seasoning my fries. I added a good amount of vinegar to them like I always do.  Lucy perked up, and said “I want that!” pointing to the bottle of vinegar. 

“You want to try vinegar on your fries?”  A very clear affirmative.  Not one to discourage my kids from trying something new, I said, “Okay” and picked out one of my fries that I thought had a slight amount of vinegar on it.  As I handed it to her, I thought to myself, “This is gonna be good.”  I wasn’t disappointed.


Happy Lucy


Unsure Lucy


Slightly Puckered Lucy

Fully Puckered Lucy

At this point, a somewhat violent body shake ensued.  She recovered quickly, though.  Amid my sobbing laughter, I managed to ask Lucy, “Did you like it?”  She nodded and asked for another.

Happy Lucy


That’s my girl!


*”Try Catch Finally” by Mark E. Gilbert is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.  ©2011 Mark E. Gilbert.


One thought on “Vinegar Fries

  1. Way to go Lucy! Grandma loves vinegar on fried potatoes. Have never tried on french fries but will do – sounds good.
    Lucy, you not only take after your Dad liking vinegar on potatoes, but also your Grandma and you Great Grandpa Karman who loved vinegar on his fried potatoes. That is how Grandma found out she likes vinegar on potatoes, by trying one of my dad’s.

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