Nom nom nom

As I’ve mentioned before, Lucy loves to emulate her sister.  Once of her sister’s favorite jokes is to pretend to be a zombie and drone on in a demented voice “braaaaaaains!”  We like to carry the joke further and say, “oh no, a zombie third grader – she’s after our graaaaaades!” or “a zombie locomotive – she’s after our traaaaaaaains!”  Good times.

Lucy, though, likes to stick with the old-school zombies, taking one of her little dolls and have him/her chase after the others.  The latter will mock yell “ah!  run away”, and when the former catches them he or she will say “nom nom nom”.

This week, Lucy crammed most of the rest of her little dolls into her toy playground.  Then, another pair of dolls appeared on the scene.  “Where did they go?”  Lucy says, speaking from the pair’s perspective.  “There they are!” at which point the pair attacks the ones hiding.  “Nom nom nom!”

Now, CJ had been smiling up to this point in the scene.  She totally lost it, though, when Lucy takes the pair doing the “nom-ing”, has them step back from the doll carnage and exclaim “All done!”