Weird to contemplate

Yesterday was definitely a day to remember.

When I pulled into the driveway and opened the garage, I noticed CJ set our diaper pail out in the “bulk trash” pile.  The lid was spring-loaded originally, but about a year ago one of the springs broke, so the lid would only pop open half as much as it used to.  This past week, the second spring broke, so the lid required two hands to open, and at least one of those with fingernails sufficient to slip under the lid and pry it open.  When you’re using one hand to restrain baby-Knievel on the changing table, and the other has a fully-loaded diaper, trying to meet this new requirement to dispose of the latter is a little stressful.

Lucy is ready to begin toilet training, so we knew we’d be getting rid of it this year anyway, and we didn’t want to buy another one just to use it for a few months.  That pail lasted us through 9 years and 1.9 kids.  I think it did its job well.

That the Lucy-in-diapers phase is in its twilight is weird to contemplate.


The other notable event yesterday was a fashion show that Katherine was part of.  She and the other girls in her group went out shopping a couple of weeks ago to pick out an outfit and Katherine found a very nice formal black dress that fit her beautifully.  She had a small string of faux pearls to wear with it, and CJ even curled her hair for the occasion. 

I didn’t see most of this until she got home from the event.  She looked at least 5 years older.  Images of Prom bombarded me.

Katherine even announced – knowing full well that we think she’s growing up too fast – “Sorry Mom, I need to grow up now.  I’ll be in fourth grade next year!”

That the Katherine-is-a-little-girl phase is nearing twilight is weird to contemplate.