Birthday Weekend

My birthday fell this weekend, and if you include Friday, so did April Fools Day.

You can already see where this is going, can’t you?

I got a call Friday morning from CJ saying that Katherine left a very important envelope in my car, and asked if I could go out and check if it was there.  If it was, CJ would drive out and pick it up.  I wasn’t right in the middle of anything at that moment, so I said “Sure”, hung up with her, and walked out of the building.

Right away, I could see something was very, VERY wrong with my car.

P4010006 - Copy

My car was a good hundred yards from my building’s main door, so I had a good many seconds to try to process what I was seeing.

Is that MY car?

A few more steps.

Yep, that’s mine.  What did my coworkers do to it?!?

A few more steps.

Wait a minute, most of it looks like it’s INSIDE.  How did they get INSIDE my car?!?

A few more steps.

Aw, crud.  It’s gotta be CJ!

I had nearly reached my car when I started looking around for the perpetrators.  Given who I thought was responsible, I figured their egos wouldn’t let them flee the scene of the crime without seeing my expression.  I started dialing CJ’s cell phone, and after a few seconds noticed her car parked a few slots down from mine.  No one was inside, so I started looking around the parking lot, waiting for them to either jump out, or hear CJ’s cell phone ringing.  I spotted them peeking out from behind another car, barely containing their laughter.  Once they saw that they were made, they came bounding out laughing and yelling “April Fools!”

I had to admit.  I had been had.


Apparently this whole thing was Katherine’s idea.  Of course, you’d never know it by looking at her.





Now, this wasn’t all prank.  As you can see from the signage, this was a combination April Fools prank and Birthday Gift.  The girls were nice enough to take my car and get it cleaned before working it over.  All I can say it, I’m just glad I didn’t try to go out to my car when they were getting it cleaned.  I’m not sure I would have noticed CJ’s car parked a few slots down from mine, nor thought to check with her before calling the police to report my vehicle stolen.

Oh, and the important envelope?


It was in the back seat with our digital voice recorder.  CJ had tried to get both girls to sing“Happy Birthday”.  Apparently, all three of them were singing it wonderfully, right up to the point when CJ hit “Record” on the recorder.  At that point, Lucy’s recording device shyness gene kicked in and she clamed up.  CJ and Katherine were eventually able to get her to whisper “Happy Birthday”.  Through a LOT of “Can you say it louder, Lucy?” she finally yelled – no, BELTED OUT – the first syllable: “HA!”  Lucy then explained – on the recorder, of course – “I not saying Happy Birthday Daddy.  HA!”  CJ later that she played the recording back for Lucy, and she was complete enthralled with the sound of her own voice, so much so that she burst into mad giggles when the recording got the “HA!” part.  As Lucy would say “That’s funny!”

After several minutes talking and laughing outside, it began to get a little chilly (I hadn’t thought I’d need my coat for what SHOULD HAVE BEEN a 2-minute jaunt out to my car), so I kissed them all goodbye and walked back inside, leaving my car in it’s pranked state.  I decided I might as well give everyone the opportunity to see it.  Several of my coworkers know what I drive and where I usually park in the lot, so I had several people come up to me that day with comments like, “Uh, Mark, I think someone did something to your car!” or “Mark, have you been outside yet?”

Yeah, yeah.  I’ve been outside.  : – )


One thought on “Birthday Weekend

  1. For the record, we actually pulled your car out and put the Saturn in its place while we were cleaning your car in order to ‘preserve’ your spot for when we returned. And then we put your car back and moved the Saturn down the row farther when we returned.

    I figured you’d notice the Saturn if it was left in *exactly* the same spot as your car had been parked, and thus decrease the chances of you calling the cops on us. 🙂

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