The power of advertising

Both my girls love watching the shows on PBS Kids – Curious George, Martha Speaks, and Wild Kratts, to name a few.  Since PBS is a member-funded station, the only commercials are for other PBS Kids’ shows.  The commercials also frequently plug the PBS Kids web site.

Yesterday, we were all downstairs, and CJ and I needed to talk about something uninterrupted for a few minutes.  Lucy was getting squirrelly since it was getting close to her bedtime, so I asked her if she wanted to watch a few short cartoons on the computer.  She said yes, and immediately jumped into my chair.  I started to poke around in my favorites for cartoons and other funnies that I knew she’d like when CJ said “Just go to PBS Kids”.  Lucy immediately jumped in with “dot org!”

Did I mentioned they FREQUENTLY plug the web site?