Lucy’s new helmet

Last weekend it got CRAZY warm here in Michigan.  At one point on Sunday I think it actually hit 85 degrees Fahrenheit.  For the first half of April, that’s a little out of the ordinary, even for Michigan.  Normally that’s a little warmer than I care for, but since it was one of the first real weekends where we could get the kids out of the house to play, it was worth it.  Cabin fever sucks.

Anyway, on Saturday one of the first things we noticed was that Lucy had outgrown her bike helmet.  We literally couldn’t fit it over her head.  So, on Sunday, I took Lucy shopping for a new one.

I realized too late that the bike helmets were in the back of the store, and we had to walk past a good number of the toy aisles to get to them.  Since Lucy insists on walking everywhere these days (“I’LL WALK!”), getting to our destination took several minutes longer than it normally should have, and SEVERAL starts and stops.  I swear, if you recorded all of my conversations with Lucy these days, 90% of it would consists of the phrases – “Lucy, stop!” and “Come on, Lucy!”

When we finally made it to the helmets, Lucy first went to a very cool looking blue helmet that was four sizes too large for her.  Naturally, she immediately pulled it off the shelf and said “I like this one!”

“No, Lucy, that was is too big for you.”

I scanned the racks as quickly as I could looking for her size, and found a few that I thought would fit.  “How about this one, Lucy?” holding up a fire-engine red Lightning McQueen (from the movie “Cars”) helmet.  She smiled and said “Yes!”  We tried it on and it fit well.  (In retrospect, I got seriously lucky there; if it hadn’t fit, that would have been the second helmet in a row that she said she liked, and I would have had to put back on the shelf.)

We ran the gauntlet of toy aisles again, finished our shopping and came home.  I went to work on Monday, and when I came home that night, CJ informed me that Lucy really liked her new helmet.

Like, REALLY liked her new helmet.

She liked it so much, in fact, that she wanted to wear it everywhere, and while doing everything: walking, riding in the car, attending Katherine’s parent-teacher conference, gardening.  And by gardening, I do NOT mean with a front-end loader, either.  We’re talking HAND TOOLS here.  Not really anything that would normally require head protection.

But hey, Lucy really liked her new helmet.

Sometime during this week, CJ wised up and moved it out of the house and to a shelf in the garage, so it’s out of sight most of the time now.  Hopefully that helps to bring the obsession under control.