I got egg!

Today was Easter Sunday, and one of our annual traditions is an Easter Egg hunt the morning of.  CJ hid most of the eggs throughout Katherine’s bedroom, the front room, and the dining room last night.  When Lucy woke up this morning, CJ was actually also still in bed, so under the guise of “Let’s go wake Mommy” I shuffled Lucy into our bedroom.  Then I set Lucy’s room up.

It was our intention that each girl would be able to ransack their respective bedrooms, and then both of them could tackle the living and dining rooms.  With everything set, we told our youngest, “Lucy, I think there are some presents in your bedroom.  Should we go look?”  She immediately hopped down from our bed and ran into her room.  I had purposely set a few small shiny chocolate eggs out on on the rocking chair in her room so they would be the first things she saw when she entered, to get her in the spirit of things.

After she had found the fourth chocolate egg, though, she started unwrapping it.  “I eat one egg” she declared, holding up a single finger.  “Ok, just one,“ I replied.  After a couple more found items she said, “I eat another one” and before I could stop her she had it half unwrapped.


“Ok, Lucy, no more until after you’ve had breakfast.”

When she had found all but one item, CJ said “Lucy, there’s one more thing, by the door.  Do you see it?”  She looked out through the door, and immediately broke into a smile.  “I see egg!” she said, very excitedly pointing out to the living room.  She had spied one of the eggs on the couch, and started running toward it.  “Whoa, whoa!  Not that one yet, Lucy!  There’s one more thing in your room!”  She stopped, found it, and then continued on her run out the front room.  We had to hold her back from grabbing all of the eggs and other goodies off the shelves, picnic table, and other low-lying areas.  “No, sweetie, we want Katherine to help find these.  Let’s go get her up.”  With GREAT reluctance, Lucy allowed us to herd her into Katherine’s room.

“Katherine, you better get up quick.  Lucy is very eager to collect the eggs in the living room.”  Katherine smiled, sprang out of bed, and being an old hand at this Easter Egg Hunt-thing, started to look around her room.  Lucy started to help, “No, Lucy, these are for Katherine to find.”  Lucy took this opportunity to open yet ANOTHER egg to eat.  Sigh, as far as this Easter Egg Hunt-thing went, Lucy was a quick study.

Katherine finished her room, and we moved on to the living/dining rooms.  “Katherine, you should probably find all of the chocolate eggs first, otherwise Lucy is going to try to eat them all.”  The girls went into action.

Katherine was moving so fast that CJ couldn’t get anything other than blurs when she tried to take pictures.  Lucy, on the other hand, would pause upon finding an egg, hold it up above her head as high as it would go and announce “I GOT EGG!”


At the top of her lungs.  With every egg.

With the hunt concluded, and all of the eggs harvested, we moved on with the more usual Sunday routine.


Both girls had new spring dresses that they wanted to show off.  CJ managed to carve out enough time before church to get some additional pictures of the two, and with it being actually spring-like this morning (as opposed to snow), she was able to take them outside to do it.

CJ apparently had a very difficult time getting Lucy to look at the camera.  Lucy seemed intent on looking at everything BUT mom-with-camera.  But CJ did manage to get the shot, and as she put it, the chocolate eggs weren’t the only sweet thing found this morning:


The girls then felt compelled to celebrate this Easter Sunday with an interpretive dance, choreographed on the spot:

Easter 2011


All in all, it was a beautiful morning: