A few weeks ago, CJ and I learned that one of Katherine’s pieces of art was being included in a presentation at the Kalamazoo Institute of Art.  Kids from all over the county would have their work put on display, and Katherine was one of about 30 lucky kids from her school to be included.  She made a beautiful drawing of sunflowers:


Yesterday, while I was helping to run a conference, CJ took Katherine, Lucy, and my parents to the Institute to see Katherine’s piece, as well as all of the other pieces.  While they were there, they saw Katherine’s art teacher, and had a chance to talk to her.  It came out that she had been approached by one of the school’s secretaries about Katherine’s drawing, specifically that she wanted to buy it!  Katherine’s art teacher sound like she was a little take aback, but assured the secretary that that decision would be up to Katherine to make since it was her drawing.

Even if the business deal doesn’t pan out, it was thrilling for me to know that Katherine’s work was hanging in a museum. 

And yes, I’m planning to get out this week and see it for myself.


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