Clever Girl

Sometime last week, Lucy came into the kitchen from the living room where she had been playing, and asked for a drink.  Once she had the cup in hand, she proceeded to walk back to the living room and sit back down on the floor.

Me: “No Lucy, the cup has to be on the table, so we don’t kick it and knock it over.”  Mind you, this WAS a sippy cup, so the chances that it would actually spill or leak were small, but we’ve had it happen before, and I was trying to train her to put her drinks on something stabile.

Lucy: “No.”

Me: “Lucy, put it on the picnic table… or on the coaster here.” I pointed to one of our end tables.

Lucy got up and tried to put it directly on the end table, bypassing the coaster.  “I put it here.”

Me: “No, please put it on the coaster.”

Lucy grabbed the coaster and walked back to where she was playing on the floor.  She then proceeded to put the drink on the coaster on the floor.  Clever, but still not what I was going for.

Me: “No, Lucy, it’s got to be on a table.”

At this point Lucy screamed and stormed off to a corner of the room.  I put her drink on the table, and walked back into the kitchen.  I wanted to give her some time and space to cool off.

A few minutes later, Lucy called out from the living room.  “I move picnic table.”

Me: “Why?”

Lucy: “So it’s over there.”  She moved the table to be closer to where she wanted to play, and then put the drink on it.

Clever girl, indeed.  CJ and I are SOOOOOO screwed.