New Game

Lucy likes being the center of attention a lot of time.  She can spend the entire day with CJ, but when I get home and CJ and I want to debrief each other on the day’s events, Lucy will frequently become very insistent that CJ give all of her attention to Lucy.  She’ll interrupt our conversation multiple times a minute; she’ll hop up on CJ’s lap, cup CJ’s face with both hands and drag CJ’s line of sight to focus only her.  Like the previous 10 hours weren’t enough, kid!

The other thing she’ll do if she isn’t getting an immediate response from one of us is start chanting our titles.


The other day, CJ’s response was, “Lucy, we need a new game.”

Without missing a beat – and barely pausing to take a breath – Lucy switched to “DaddddddddddyDaddddddddddyDaddddddddddy…”

And yes, she had that smirk on her face while doing it.  We all had a good laugh.