Because it’s funny, you twit!

Lucy is into the “I can do it ALL.  BY.  MY.  SELF!” phase with a lot of things, one of which is getting out of the car.  So, when we arrived home last night, I walked around to her door, opened it, and offered her a hand.  She nearly always refuses.  She usually proceeds to climb down out of her car seat, step onto the bottom of the door jam, and then step down onto the pavement.

Last night, however, she lost her grip, and did a pretty pirouette while standing on the door jam, smacking her knee on the side of the car.  She erupted into tears, and I carried her into the house.  No skin was broken, and the tears had pretty much dried up by the time we got to the door.

Once in the house, I proceeded to empty my pockets and take off my shoes when Lucy announced, “I need a spoon”.  “A spoon?  Why do you need a spoon, Lucy?”  “So I can cut off my knee.”

I laughed.   Whenever the girls get a minor bang on an appendage – something just enough to spoil a good mood but not enough to warrant medical attention – we try to cheer them up by dramatically proclaiming, “OH NO!!  WE NEED TO AMPUTATE THAT THUMB-TOE-KNEE-ELBOW-HEAD!!  QUICK, GET A SPOON!”  On a few occasions, Katherine takes us literally and runs a gets a spoon, at which point we begin to saw the hurt appendage off until the giggles and smiles return.

So, with that in mind, Lucy walked over to the silverware drawer.  I helped her pull it out so she could see where the spoons were (it didn’t escape my notice that she’s now tall enough to see into the drawers), and she pulled one out.  She walked over to her picnic table, sat down, and began to gently saw her leg off just above the knee.  Once she had cheered herself up, she replaced the spoon in the drawer.

There’s a oft-quoted (at least in my family) line from Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.  The Sheriff of Nottingham says that he’s going to carve Robin’s heart out with a spoon.  The Sheriff’s cousin, Guy of Gisborne, later questions it: “Why a ‘spoon’, cousin, why not an axe or a knife – “ to which the Sheriff responds, exasperated, “Because it’s dull, you twit, it’ll hurt more!”  True, but in our experience, we’ve found that a spoon can actually make it hurt less sometimes.