A reading from the book of Lucy’s Bedtime

Lucy got ahold of a small copy of the New Testament today (or perhaps earlier this week).  It was a copy that CJ or I got years ago at college.  This evening, when we were reading her customary bedtime stories, she asked that SHE read from the New Testament, “but you help me with the words, Daddy.”  Ok, so where do you want me to start?

“Here, and here, and here, and here” was her reply, tracing over the four columns of text on the page in the book of Acts that she opened the book to.  Ok, but where you want to START?  “Here,” she said.

So, I read a couple of passages from Acts, the book she happened to have it opened to.  After that, I said it was bedtime, but she protested.  “No Daddy, we have to read ALL of this,” indicated the ENTIRE New Testament.

Uh, no Lucy.  We don’t have enough time tonight to read the entire New Testament.