Tongue Twisters

I try very hard to not write things on “Mark Of Quality” that will embarrass my kids years from now.  At the very least, the things I write down aren’t DESIGNED to be embarrassing.  If they get embarrassed by them, well, that’s their reaction.

So, having said that, I hope Lucy will forgive me for this one.

Lucy says some pretty incredible things these days – and I think it’s safe to say that Katherine is a BIG influence on that.  Every now and then, however, she’ll stumble over a word or two, and then CJ and I spend the next minute getting her to repeat it a few times until we figure out what she’s saying.  It helps when she can point to it, or act it out – hopping on the floor saying “ribbit!” makes it easy to translate “Mommydaddy I’m a fog!” into “Mommydaddy I’m a frog!”.

(And yes, the word “Mommydaddy” is a single, proper noun in our household, referring to the parental units, collectively.  It is interchangeable with “Daddymommy”.)

One such word that she’s still working on is actually the name of one of her favorite restaurants, famous for their fries and their golden arches: “Mickel Donald’s”.

CJ and I have to make sure she’s not looking when we smile and giggle.  And yes, we giggle every time she says it.