But I don’t WANT to be squeaky!

There have been many times this past year where Lucy has given us some pushback about washing her hair.  Taking a bath is fun.  Even soaping the hair up is ok, ‘cause you know, you get bubbles!  But getting water poured over your head to get the soap out?  Yeah, not so fun.  We try to reason with her, but it usually has no effect – you want to be squeaky-clean, don’t you?  You don’t want yucky hair, right?

When it comes time to rinse, CJ has Lucy lay down in the bathtub, while CJ supports her head and shields her eyes.  I’ll use the shower wand to rinse off the soap.  If Lucy holds still and doesn’t fight us, the entire rinse takes about 30 seconds.  When Lucy’s feeling particularly brave, she lays right down on her back with no fuss.  At other times, she’ll get upset when we announce it’s time to rinse, and will yell and squirm.  In a couple of cases, she’s pushed CJ’s hand away in the middle of the rinse and gotten a face-full of water, which of course only worsens the yelling and squirming.

During last night’s bath, however, Lucy hit us with a new one.  CJ said, “Ok, it’s time to wash your hair” and Lucy immediately yelled, “But I don’t WANT to be squeaky!”

Sorry, hon.  You’re going to be squeaky clean, even if you have to scream to get there.