Your Palette, Transformed

Good evening.  The notorious Chef of Nottingham, Katherine the Butc – err – Baker, has whipped up a dazzling assortment of dishes from the furthest reaches of Cybertron.

We begin with a delicate Starscream Appetizer.  Because, a little Starscream goes a LONG way.


Next, a tangy Bumblebee fruit salad with lettuce garnish.  The taste is to die for, but don’t lose your head.


Our main course, a suculent, stuffed Optimus Prime, is sure to delight.  Each Prime is packed with a unique blend of herbs and spices – it’s more than meets the ribeye.


And of course, what holiday party would be complete without a tasty Jazz Pizza?


I must say, the Chef has certainly outdone herself this evening.  Tune in next week to “Your Palette, Transformed” for Megatron Meatballs and Ironhide Mac and Cheese.