Halloween 2011

My company held a Halloween Party for the first time in years*.  We have annual Summer Parties for just employees, and End-Of-Year-Holiday Parties for employees and their significant others, but it had been a while since they held something for the entire family.  They booked out a room at the Kalamazoo Nature Center, and had all kinds of themed-food and activities for the kids.

And of course, everyone was encouraged to show up in costume.

This year, Katherine dressed up as Ivy, a character from one of her favorite series of books (“My Sister the Vampire”).  Lucy went as a “blue princess” (her words).  CJ went as a griffin and other exotic animal trainer (Have a disobedient dragon in the house?  Bring them in!).  Her dad has a puppet griffin that sits on your shoulder, and you can move the head with a small crank that sits in your hand (the wire is designed to be concealed down the back of your costume).  I lost count of the number of times someone looked at it, and thought it was real for a good long minute.  I dug out my iaido gear, and went as a samurai.

One of my colleagues, Jane, came as Eowyn/Dernhelm from Lord of the Rings.  And when I say she came as Eowyn, I mean she donned tunic, belt, sword, shield, helm, and 25 pounds of chainmail.  It was awesome.

Aaaand then she lent her sword and helm to the girls.  And of course, me having the next nearest sword, I became the opponent.


“Ha ha ha!  Fear not, citizens – I shall dispose of this knave!”



“Woah!  This is harder than it looks.  Will someone please make the earth stop rotating for one minute?!”



“Katherine, give me that sword before you hurt yourself.”



“Sheesh.  If you want something done right…”




* My apologies for the lateness of this post.  The Party was held on Saturday the 29th, but I’m just getting around to it now because my weeks have gotten insane this semester.

UPDATE: The photos for this post were supplied by Jane.  Thank you!