Thanksgiving 2011 Roadtrip

Thanksgiving day routinely finds us making a pilgrimage to the other side of the state to dine with my parents.  Here are some amusing bits from this year’s trip.

Lucy, looking out her window at the passing, barren trees: “The leaves all fell off.”
CJ: “That’s what happens in fall.  What white fluffy stuff falls from the sky?”
Lucy: “Towels?”
CJ: “No, not towels!”
Me: “Sheep!”
Lucy: “Cows?”

If CJ weren’t driving, I think she would have face-palmed at that point.


We passed a truck hauling one of these:

Um, dude?  It’s not working.  We can still see it.


Our usual stop on this trip is a McDonald’s with a playland.  While we were at the register paying for our food, CJ noticed that they had flyers out advertising their Black Friday special – a free cup of coffee for people heading out to the sales, people coming back from the sales, and people just taking a break from the sales.  Amused at McDonald’s having a Black Friday offer at all, we decided to figure out what some other industries might do for Black Friday:

  • Veterinarian – 2 snips for the price of one!
  • Dentist – midnight root canal!
  • Paint Store – Free stir sticks for EV’ryone!


At one point, Lucy was singing in the back seat. She stops suddenly and announces, “The little Einsteins song is coming up next”  and then continues singing.