Cookies – Reheated

After my Dad read my last post, Cookies, he had this to say:

I just finished reading your latest entry (Cookies) and, boy, does that bring back some memories of when you and James made cookies (first and LAST time)…

I mentioned that I didn’t remember that and he said he would dig up the “photographic evidence”.  Well, true to his word, here is my brother, James, and I from 1981, making a huge mess cookies:

Mark & James Baking2 Sm

Mark & James Baking1 Sm

Yep – still don’t remember this.  I would have been about 6 at the time and my brother about 4.  Our imaginations were in high-gear that day, according to my Dad:

As Mom pointed out to me, both of you were into making, ummm, “Interesting” cookie shapes.  Distorted animals that would make Stephen King cringe and Alfred Hitchcock run screaming from the room.

So, I’m thinking the desire to make a huge mess which will later be called “cookies”, is

    A) Inherited from your parents
    B) Baked into kid-DNA (see what I did there?)
    C) Just how we spend our Saturdays
    D) All of the above

Smart money’s on D.