What can Lucy do?

Lucy is 3 years old today.


Three years ago, Lucy wasn’t really able to do much, but there were definitely traces of Shakespeare in her blood.

But soft - what light through yonder window breaks

“But soft, what light through yonder window breaks?”

Lucy has learned quite a bit in her three years.  While she hasn’t struck any further Bard-poses, she can definitely get undressed by herself – at least when the mood strikes her.  She can also get dressed on her own – again, subject to mood.


Monday morning she even helped me make my lunch:

Lucy: “I need someone to play with me.”
Me: “I can play with you Lucy, as soon as I make my lunch.”
Lucy: “Can I help you?”
Me: “Sure!  Here, put this in my lunch box over there.”  I handed her a small plastic container.  “Great, now put this in.”  I handed her a vitamin in a small plastic bag.  “Ok, now, do you know where the peanut butter is, in the cupboard?”
Lucy: “Uh-huh.”
Me: “Ok, go get the peanut butter.” 

She did, and immediately put the entire jar in my lunch box.  Hey – she saw a pattern and was sticking to it.


She frequently makes up games and scenarios for her toys.  Usually one is designated as the bad guy/girl/car/dinosaur/ladybug, and threatens the others with a deepened-Lucy voice. 


“A-hahaha!  I will throw you all in jail, and when you escape, the lizard will eat you!  HAHAHAHAHAHA!”

While Lucy has not specifically subjected her dolls to the lizard commanded by a shirtless-Ken doll (what is this, “Twilight”?), that storyline would definitely be up her alley.


And of course, Lucy loves to make everyone laugh.  Much of the time, this takes the form of some hilarity with her expression:


Lucy is out to lunch.  Or really gets into her lunch – I can’t decide which.

Crazy Eyes

Ah!  Crazy eyes – CRAZY EYES!


“Your meager attempt at humor does not impress.”

Life is definitely more lively with Lucy.


“Really?  Is that REALLY the best ending you can manage?”

Sigh.  Ok – fine.


I love Lucy!


(See?  I was trying to avoid the cliché, but she pushed me!)