Lucy’s Big Month

Lucy is having QUITE the month so far.

She turned three, which by itself was enough to make CJ and I twitch.  Where the heck did THAT time go?!?

Then on Thursday, we disassembled her changing table.  She isn’t toilet-trained yet, but we needed to make room.  We also moved a rocking chair that had been beside her crib since she was born to a corner of the room.  All of this was to prepare for a new piece of furniture that was to arrive on Friday.  She had a bit of a hard time going to sleep on Thursday, at one point calling for CJ to tell her, “Mom, I don’t like my room.”  I think moving the chair really rattled her.

Then on Friday, CJ took her to get her very own library card.


She’s been picking out her own books from the library for months now.  We’ve shown her how to use the self-checkout station, but it was always with one of our cards.  Now she has her own.  She showed it to me on Friday when I got home, and I swear she was about to break into a bout of maniacal laughter.  “Today, my OWN library card – tomorrow, the world!!   Muhahahahahahahahaha!!!!”  The best part is, it could totally happen.

And then the really BIG change.  On Friday, we finally took delivery of a big-girl bed and desk.  The bed was designed to be a loft, and the desk would fit below it.  However, neither CJ nor I were comfortable with the thought of Lucy going from sleeping in a crib to sleeping 5 feet in the air – even with a railing – so we planned to assemble just the bed and leave it on the floor.  Converting it to a loft and assembling the desk will wait for a few years.

We hired our sitter for the evening to entertain the girls while CJ and I tore down the crib, and put the bed together.  Other than having to interpret terrible directions, the bed actually went together fairly easily.  Since the bed was designed to be a loft, accessible via ladder, it had two railings – one that ran the full length of the bed, and the other that ran 85% of it (the remainder being taken up by the ladder).  We put both on to provide a smoother transition for Lucy (no real danger of falling out of bed at night), but the gap in the one rail meant Lucy could now safely get in and out of bed on her own.


Lucy was SO excited about her new bed that it took her until 10:30 Friday night (2 1/2 hours past her usual bedtime) to actually calm down enough to fall asleep – or rather, for the drowsiness to finally trump the excitement.  But hey, +1 for Mom and Dad – we actually expected that.  We specifically chose Friday evening, figuring it would take a couple of nights to adjust to the new sleeping arrangements, and making that transition over a weekend was preferable to doing it during the week.

Saturday brought even more fun.  Lucy disappeared 3 or 4 times during the day, at which point we’d find her tucked into her bed.  She wasn’t sleeping – she was just there under the covers, enjoying the coolest new thing in the house.

Sunday at church, I was speaking to our pastor’s wife about the excitement at the Gilbert household, and made the comment that it took Katherine about a week to figure out that since she could get in and out of bed by herself now, she didn’t need to call for Mom and Dad, and wait for us to come get her in the morning.  She could just – get up!  That evening, CJ and I were in our basement office, when we heard little pitter-patter of feet.  I had my back to the door when CJ started smiling.  “Well!  Look who figured out how to get out of bed on her own!”  I turned to see Lucy with the biggest Cheshire-cat smile.  The little turkey had climbed out of bed, tip-toed across the house and down the stairs, and was now proudly standing in the door to the office.  In other words, she had done it in less than two days.

Oh, we are so screwed.