Sorry, your OTHER hand

Lucy has started to get into card games beginning with one of my favorites, Uno.  We modify the rules a bit (mostly in the areas of how many cards have to get picked up when a Draw-2 or Draw-4 get dropped), but for the most part, she gets it.

CJ, Lucy, and I were playing this past week when something like a red-7 came up.  She said, “Oh man, I don’t have a red one” and proceeded to draw one from the deck.  She did, in fact, have a red one in her cards, so there was no reason for her to pick up another.  Without thinking I said, “Lucy, look at your hand.”  She did what any clever 3-year old would do.  She looked down at the thing that connects her fingers to her wrist.

Is there a way I can just download the “1001 facts that every person should know” to my kids?  No?  Dang.