Another day at the KIA

Well, she did it again.  Katherine got another piece of art hanging in the Kalamazoo Institute of Art, this one titled “Starburst” (her first piece was Sunflowers):


This year, the exhibit was well before my conference, so I was able to get out and see it with CJ, Lucy, and my parents the day it opened (Saturday).  We got there a little after it opened, and the place was swamped with kids from all over the city, showing off their art to their families.

After seeing Katherine’s piece, we decided to retreat to the lower level to try to escape the crowds.  That worked well, until we ended up in the kids’ area, which was also filled to capacity.  Oh well.

I love that the KIA does this, and the kids certainly get a thrill from seeing their work hanging in a real art museum.  There are some seriously talented budding artists in this town.