Where’s the chocolate?

Yesterday morning, CJ and I were trying to get the Gilbert household members all moving in the right direction.  CJ and I made a couple of back-to-back requests of Katherine – simple ones like, “put your thermos back in the fridge”, and “take your breakfast plate out to the table”.  Katherine happily complied.

CJ then decided to get funny and ask her, “Oh, and can you solve that nuclear fusion problem?”  We’re loading her to-do list up, why not that, too?

Without missing a beat, Katherine replied, “Ok, where’s the chocolate?”

Uh, the chocolate? 



“You know, like that guy used on that show you told me about to stop the acid.”  It took CJ and I a couple of minutes to figure out that she was referring to the series premier of “MacGuyver”, where Mac seals up a leaking tank of hydrochloric acid using Hershey bars (as the writers explain, the sugar in the chocolate reacts with the acid to form a rubbery, sticky plug that would form a temporary seal).

After that, we all had a good laugh, thinking how misdirected the nuclear physicists of the world are.  Silly scientists!  Trying to fuse isotopes of hydrogen when all they need are a few M&Ms.  Melts in the reactor, not in your hands!