Not enough arms

Lucy had just finished taking a bath, and was clutching the towel around herself to try to avoid getting chilled.  She was also carrying her rubber duck with her, and item that usually remains in the bathroom, but on this particular night was hitching a ride back to Lucy’s bedroom.

When it gets to be bedtime, and Lucy walks into her bedroom, usually the first thing she wants is her pacifier, or “paci”.  In the last few months, she’s taken to keeping it in a small pail that hangs from her closet door handle.  Normally after a bath, she can keep one hand on the towel to prevent it from falling off, and use the other to grab the paci out.  This time, however, the duck was confounding those efforts. 

She let out a frustrated whine.  When I asked her what was the matter, she said, “I can’t get my paci.”  When I asked her why not she said, “Because I’m not an alien, I don’t have enough arms.”