Katherine takes the Silver!

Last night was the combined GEMS/Cadets Pinewood Derby Night, and Katherine’s car took second for the GEMS!


Katherine took first in nearly every qualifying heat, and she even set the record track time in the third heat (that record stood for the next four heats).  The timing was accurate to 1/10,000 of a second because the track had an electrical switch that would start the timer when the cars were released, and an optical sensor at the finish line that would capture when the cars crossed the finish line.



It’s a far cry from when James and I were racing in the Cub Scouts.  (best cranky old guy’s voice) In my day, we had a couple of police officers volunteer to come in and judge who came in first, second, and third in each race.  We didn’t mess around with no fancy-shmancy software program to tell us who won.  Hmmph!

The track software would show the races, and the results, and even convert the speeds into scale-miles per hour.  All of the cars were crossing the finish line above 100 scale-MPH, and the fastest car was regularly clearing 140 scale-MPH.

This was the first time Katherine finished in the top three (I think this was her third year racing), so she was on cloud nine for the rest of the night.


Honestly, so were Mom and Dad.


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