The Flying Fish

It had been a rough morning Friday for Lucy.  The morning routine was making her cranky, and since I was the one trying to move her through it, I became the target.

Katherine, bless her soul, swooped in – literally.  She made a paper airplane and started flying it in the living room, and that turned things around immediately.  She gave it to Lucy, who flew it with great delight (punctuated with some moments of frustration whenever it crashed) and then proceeded to make a second for herself.

Katherine decided that her second plane should have a true “pilot’s compartment”:

Pilot Compartment

She did a few unmanned test flights, and then when she was satisfied with the design she stuffed Ariel (aka, “The Little Mermaid”) into the plane ballistic re-entry vehicle.

First Mermaided Flight

And on the first manned-, uh, mermaided-flight, Ariel survived the crash landing and actually managed to stay in the pilot compartment.

Katherine: “Woohoo!  She flew great!”

Me:  “Yeah, but how was the landing?”

Katherine:  “She landed!”


Honey?  We’ve got a flying fish in the house.  I thought we sprayed for those…