The un-nap

In the last month or so, Lucy has started losing her afternoon naps.

Well, that’s not entirely accurate.  What’s really happened is that in the last couple of months Lucy has gotten a lot better at RESISTING her afternoon naps.  There are still many days where by 5 o’clock it’s abundantly clear to CJ and I that she really needed to take a nap that day.

To replace the naps, we’ve introduced a new requirement.  At 1 o’clock Lucy goes into her room for “quiet time”.  She’s allowed to play, or read, or most any other thing, but she has to stay in her room and it has to be quiet.  In the last couple of weeks, she’s been getting better at actually complying with those two requirements.

Yesterday, it was abundantly clear by 11am that Lucy needed a nap.  That, of course, made her all the more resistant to actually taking one – so much so that CJ ended up sitting in her room and reading for a bit.  While she was there Lucy was quietly laying in her bed and eventually drifted off to sleep.

At about 3 o’clock, Lucy woke up, and immediately noticed that CJ wasn’t in the room any longer.  She addressed this fact by yelling, “I’m not tired!  Do you hear me Mom?! I’M NOT TIRED!!!”

CJ walked into her room and responded – with very little attempt at hiding her amusement – “This coming from the girl who just slept for an hour.”